Beloved of God,

God bless you and yours:

I pray that all is well.  This letter is to ask that you join with us in this great move of the Holy Spirit in the area of sexual healing and restoration.

As God sent the Apostle Paul to the Gentiles, the Lord is sending me to the Gay community and to those who struggle with sexual sin.  We have been doing that by way of our weekly television program “God’s Will and Grace”.

The Gospel of Christ is being preached as we pray for healing and deliverance.  Please help us as we help others to be be free through our media outreach.

I have a mandate from God to share with the world my personal, “Woman Thou Art Loosed” testimony (St. Luke 13:10-13).  My story consists of a supernatural healing, a miracle which I have been sharing since 1993.

For we are living in the eleventh hour, Christ is soon to return for His bride, His church without spot of wrinkle.  I am celebrating 20 years of having been supernaturally delivered after 18 years of bondage;  I was set free without a trace like the Hebrew boys, I came out of the fiery furnace without the smell of smoke.

Thus, I have been called for such a time as this.  Since 1993, God has manifested Himself through signs and miracles.  I have been speaking out on behalf of our children.  I have also been a pro family advocate since 1993; standing up on behalf of God’s families, testifying agaisnst the gay agenda.  I have spoken before the school board meetings in Baltimore, MD and the Maryland  legislators  in Annapolis, MD.  We can no longer be silent, the church of Jesus Christ must arise and come out of the closet.

We need your help, the church must come out of the closet.  It is on behalf of the kingdom of God and  your children that I make this appeal.  Remember what Jesus said, “what you do unto the least of these, you do unto Me”.  Together we can put a stop to the rape and brainwashing of innocent minds.  The power of Jesus Christ is available for whosoever will.

As an ambassador and missionary of the Lord Jesus, I am asking for your prayers and financial support.  Please partner with us as we reach the lost in this eleventh hour.

All gifts are tax deductible.  Please visit our Home or Donations page to make your contribution.

Thank you for your support!

Rev. J. Grace Harley


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