To bring God’s healing and redemptive power to those struggling with homosexuality and other sexual addictions. By coming along side those who struggle with love and compassion, encouragement, exhortation and an understanding of those issues – our hope is that the struggler will grow spiritually and mentally, have their minds renewed and gain strength to resist temptation.

Ultimately, for them to develop a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ and be released into their calling as men and women of God.


The true heart of God concerning homosexuality and other sexual addictions is the same as it is towards any other sin.  All sin is an abomination in His sight, but the individuals caught in such sin are objects of His love and affection.  Romans 5:8 tells us that God showed His love to us while we were still His enemies, by sending His Son to die for us.   This unconditional love is not prejudiced by the nature of our sin, but looks beyond our faults to our underlying needs.  The true heart of God for the church concerning homosexuality is that the church openly recognize and compassionately respond to the valid need for love, acceptance and affirmation without ever condoning sin.  The church which is the Body of Christ must reflect the heart of God in this matter.  The homosexual will then be set free through the ministry of reconciliation offered in the Body of Christ.

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